Dit Eiland



Studio Dit Eiland is a place for reflection, amazement and dialogue. Selecting items from our art collection and working on projects in a seclusive way. Studio Dit Eiland is nonpublic and noncommercial; the website is our main platform for presentation and communication. Twice a year we focus on a specific artist, oeuvre or artistic endeavor. 

This summer we host a selection of works by multi-talent Maarten Ploeg. We invited Ryu Tajiri to curate a suite as an intimate precursor to the presentation at Gemeentemuseum Den Haag next year. The recent publication Ploeg + Werk, 1958 -2004. (book design by Willem Henri Lucas) will also be available.

The studio is situated at the Wassenaarse Slag 12, Wassenaar.


Note that you are always welcome for a visit by appointment (please fill in the form below).

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